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Licensed in both IL and WI, we perform land surveying services from real estate closings to fence installations or landscaping work. The company began in 2015, under the experienced direction of James Shannon. James has been land surveying since 1988, and has done just about everything from large scale commercial and residential construction to small lot surveys for real estate closings. Compass Alternatives is not only family owned, but most of the past and present employees have been or currently are family as well. Currently, our main team is James and his brother Ross, and both of their eldest sons. Ross has also been surveying since 1990, working side-by-side with James in several different firms. Strong family values and good work ethics are some of the core ideals that drive the folks at Compass Alternatives. 



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Our Values

We strive to provide quality land surveys for a reasonable price. We do our best to find a middle ground, where we do our best for our customers, yet we try to provide this service at a modest cost to keep it affordable for the hard-working folks who need these surveys.

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Our Services

We perform a myriad of land surveying services including real estate closings, construction staking, elevation certificates, topographic mapping, ALTA/NSPS standard surveys, and boundary surveys with additional line stakes for fence installations or landscaping work.

“Fantastic Work! Jim came to my house in Fox Lake and wow was it a learning experience. The lots date back to 1910, the markers are gone or buried. Jim had the knowledge and patience to sort through all the official records and locate the markers several lots away (some across the street) and back into the measurements for my lot. He has a great personality and a strong professional work ethic.”

-Greg Kenney

“Jim is a very hard worker and takes great pride in his work.”

-Susan Sucher

“A land surveying service. Very knowledgeable experienced family business.”

-Darrell Streeter

Aerial View

Areas We Service

Using modern equipment such as robotics and GPS, we have been known to travel to the far southeast suburbs of Chicago along the Indiana border such as Crete, IL. We've gone as far southwest past the Aurora area to small towns along the Fox River such as Oswego, Yorkville and Sheridan. We've been as far west as Sycamore, Rockford and Beloit. Our service area has recently expanded into Rock Co., WI and we have assisted clients as far northwest as Edgerton, WI near beautiful Lake Koshkonong. From there, we have also done work into the heart of Milwaukee, and also all along the western shore of Lake Michigan back south into Chicago, IL. While we are more than willing to go where the work is, we prefer to stay near our home base and we mainly serve the areas of Mchenry Co., Lake Co. and the northern portions of Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties.

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